Try These Tactics To Bid Farewell To Smelly Feet

Many people deal with smelly feet, which is a problem that can range from slightly embarrassing but not overly serious to indicative of a fungal growth on your feet. If you find that you're frequently dealing with feet that smell strong, you shouldn't suffer alone. It's a good idea to call your local podiatry clinic and schedule an assessment. As a foot-care expert, your podiatrist will be able to talk to you about the prevalence of the odor and help you move past it through some lifestyle tips and even the use of specialized cream. If you can't get in to see the podiatrist right away and want to get a head start on the home remedies for this problem, here are some strategies to consider.

Change Your Socks Frequently

Damp, sweaty socks can quickly become odorous, so don't feel that you can only wear one pair of socks per day. Get into the habit of changing your socks multiple times per day, if necessary. For example, switch socks after you've done a significant amount of walking and your feet are sweaty. To make your socks last longer without getting damp, consider dumping some baby powder into them to promote dryness.

Wear Sandals When You Can

When you have smelly feet, the last thing you might want to do is expose your feet -- however, wearing sandals or even going barefoot around the house can help. Doing so keeps your feet dry, which is the opposite of the environment in which smelly foot fungus thrives.

Soak Your Feet

While washing your feet thoroughly is an important step in foot health, you should also consider soaking them occasionally. Homemade foot soak solutions can help to eliminate the bacteria that contribute to odors. Try a solution of warm water and apple cider vinegar -- up to eight cups of the former and half a cup of the latter, placed in a bin that's large enough for your feet. Aim to soak your feet for two 15-minute intervals per day.

Keep Your Toenails Short

Long toenails can gather bacteria underneath them and worsen the odor of your feet. If your toenails are frequently long, try to keep them cut short; if they're thick and difficult to cut, soak them in the bathtub before cutting them. When you remove the length of the nails, you'll be removing some of the bacteria and eliminating the environment in which the bacteria could be thriving.

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