Reasons Why You May Want To Switch From Heels To Flats

If you wear high-heeled shoes to work or important functions, you may find that your feet hurt at the end of the day when you take them off. Many women feel that wearing high heels doesn't just make them appear taller but also exudes a professional or glamorous aura as well. There is, however, a price to pay for looking good. Here are some of the downfalls of frequent high heel shoe wearing in an attempt to make you reconsider which pair of shoes to put on each day.

Your Posture May Appear Straight, But It Is Not

When you put on high-heeled shoes, your center of gravity will no longer be in the same spot as when you are standing on flat feet. You will most likely find yourself tilting your body back a bit to compensate for the height in the back portion of your body. This tilting will cause you to appear nice and tall as a result.

When you take your shoes off, the center of gravity changes. You need to alter the way you walk to shift it back to its normal spot. Some people have trouble making this shift if they are used to the posture they have when they wear heels. This will in turn, make them have poor posture when their shoes are not on. If you do not wish to alter your posture, do not wear high-heels on a regular basis.

Your Feet And Ankles May Suffer From Many Ailments

High-heels often have a pointed toe area. When someone wears heels like this, their toes are squeezed together in an unnatural way. You may find that you have to grab onto the interior floor of your shoe with your toes so you do not fall down when you walk. 

Some people find they are all of a sudden suffering from weak and painful ankles, corns, bunions, and a variety of other disfiguring foot conditions. Wearing flat shoes will take away this risk. If you have any pain in the toes or ankle area, take off your heels and switch to lower shoes right away. If you do not, you may end up needing medical assistance to repair your feet down the road.

Your Knees Will Take The Brunt Of The Weight

Many people notice heir knees have less stability after wearing heels often. The knees will bear most of the weight of the body, making you need to stiffen them in order to keep yourself upright as you walk. This added weight will make the knees weaken, often leading to regenerative arthritis as a result. Give your knees a break and wear flats more often than heels.

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