3 Tips To Avoid Getting Athlete's Foot

If you are all too familiar with red, scaly feet that never seem to get better, you probably have already experienced the discomfort known as athlete's foot. It is often painful and can be easily contracted in shower rooms. If you would like to know how to avoid getting athlete's foot again, the following information is likely to be very helpful.

#1-Remember That Athlete's Foot Is Found In Warm, Damp Places Such As Public Showers And Pools

It can seem ironic that the place you go to get clean after a workout is often the same place that will often harbor the fungus that causes Athlete's Foot. When you have seen a podiatrist and gotten the necessary medication, one of your first plans is likely to be avoiding ever developing the annoying problem again.

Since switching gyms won't help because the fungus can just as easily be there, you may want to consider buying some new shoes that you only wear in public showers and walking around a public pool. While shower shoes seem like an obvious choice, you can also choose a sturdy pair of plastic flip-flops that will do well while being worn in a steamy, damp area. By never walking around barefoot in a public, wet area again, you are minimizing the risk of contracting athlete's foot.

#2-But Never Say Never...Especially With Athlete's Foot

Once you realize that the fungus that causes Athlete's Foot lingers in damp, public areas, the use of special shoes as listed above is logical. However, it's important to consider that you could still transfer the fungus from the floor with clothing, towels, and other common items. In addition, if you share a contaminated item with another person, you also run the same risk.

Fortunately, the solution is simple. Just remember to launder and bring your own clean items every time you go to the gym or the pool, so cross-contamination will be much less of an issue. Store your towel and other items in a bag that does not sit directly on a shared bench or the floor to further minimize any risk. Do not share socks, towels, or shoes with anyone.

#3-Keep Your Feet Clean And Dry

It is important to note that although fungus is commonly found in public shower and pool situations, it forms as the result of a hospitable environment. That means that you can catch it from close contact with an area that an infected person has left tiny bits of the fungus, which is why the use of shower shoes is so important.

Since it develops in the right environment like wearing shoes with no socks, allowing your feet to stay sweaty, or wearing wet shoes could be like sending an invitation to the Athlete's Foot fungus. If you dry your feet as soon as you can after they get wet and consistently wear clean shoes and socks on your similarly clean and dry feet, you will make it even harder for the annoying fungus to return.

In conclusion, Athlete's Foot can be easy to catch, miserable to experience, and difficult to completely eradicate. If you have previously experienced athlete's foot and need to make sure that you never catch it again, it is a good idea to remember the information provided above. For more information about Athlete's Foot, contact a professional like those found at Rocky Mountain Foot & Ankle.

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