You Might Want To Get Bunion Surgery

When people develop bunions, they often delay surgery as long as possible. There are plenty of conservative treatments, like cortisone injections and shoe inserts, that can keep the pain manageable without surgery. However, these treatments only work for so long, and eventually, surgery becomes necessary. Rather than waiting until you have no option other than surgery, you may want to consider springing for surgery earlier. Here are some benefits of just getting bunion surgery.

The surgical approach may be less aggressive early on

The worse you allow your bunions to become before surgery, the more involved your surgery will be. If you have bunion surgery earlier when your bunions are not quite as severe, then your doctor will not have to take out as much bone. They may be able to create a smaller incision, and they may not have to make as many changes to the tendons and ligaments within your big toe. All of this can translate to less pain, a shorter recovery time, and a lower risk of side effects when you elect to have surgery sooner rather than later.

You can do away with the hassle of supportive treatments

After bunion surgery, you will need a few weeks to recover. But once this recovery is complete, you will not have to do much for your foot. Your doctor may have you wear a special orthotic insert in your shoe or sleep in a foot brace, but that is about it. Compare this to several years of shots, icing, massages, and physical therapy if you were to delay bunion surgery. It is clear that having surgery earlier creates fewer hassles in the long term.

You will not have to take as many pain relievers

When bunions start to become painful, most people take pain relievers to keep the pain at bay. While these pain relievers are relatively safe, they can cause some digestive and other side effects when used long-term. If you have bunion surgery earlier, then you can stop using pain relievers after your recovery. This is easier in your digestive tract and safer in the long run.

While it can be tempting to delay bunion surgery, often you are better off just having it done and getting it over with earlier. Your doctor can generally take a more conservative surgical approach, and you will save yourself a few years of cumbersome therapies and pain relievers. 

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