Treatments A Foot Doctor Might Recommend For Peripheral Neuropathy Pain In Your Feet

If you have peripheral neuropathy, your feet may burn or have stabbing pain. The pain may be so bothersome at night that you can't sleep. Talk to a foot doctor about your options for treatment. There could be a natural or medical treatment you can try that will help manage your pain so you can sleep better. Here are some treatments that might help neuropathy in your feet.


Foot creams that reduce pain might help. These have capsaicin or lidocaine in them. Applying the cream daily or before bed might gradually reduce the pain. Be sure to discuss using the creams with your foot doctor to make sure they're suitable for your condition and that you use them properly. If your feet are always tender, capsaicin might make your feet sting worse and be intolerable.


Different types of medication can help with pain, so your foot doctor might recommend trying prescription medications to see if they'll help. Certain seizure drugs, antidepressants, and pain-relieving medications might be considered if they're appropriate for your medical condition.

Also, supplements and herbs might be useful. Alpha-lipoic acid is a common treatment for diabetic neuropathy. You always want to take supplements and herbs with your doctor's knowledge since they can sometimes affect blood sugar or interfere with prescription medications.

Foot Soaks

Soaking your feet in a warm foot bath might help. If you're having pain and soreness, a warm foot bath might help improve circulation and decrease pain. When you dry your feet, you might want to wear socks made for neuropathy that have no seams that can cause pain, and that are made to wick away sweat and moisture. These are also called diabetic socks, and you may find sleeping in them keeps your feet warm and reduces pain.

Disease Management

Peripheral neuropathy has several causes. Diabetes is a common one, but there are others. It's important to understand how your medical condition affects your neuropathy so you can take steps to manage your health with the help of a doctor. For instance, if you have diabetes, blood sugar control is an important step toward managing your peripheral neuropathy pain.


A TENS device sends a small electrical current through your skin to interfere with pain signals. You might use the unit for a prescribed amount of time each day for several days to see if it provides any relief from your pain. You can buy one of these units without a prescription for an affordable cost since they may not be covered by your insurance.

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